How We Work

For the moment tuition sessions will either take pace at the Tutors residence (Hemel Hempstead) or online depending on availability.

We will be using Zoom primarily for the online lessons but if there any problems we also have Skype accounts.

Flexible Rates

If there are genuine long term cash flow problems for families a flexible rate will be agreed upon with the presentation of evidence.

This is the option that is reserved for families that are in serious financial states so please be aware of this.

Grace Periods

This is for families that have medium term cash flow problems. For instance if they know that the situation will be difficult for 1-6 months but after that things will get better.

In this case again there will be an agreed upon rate for this period of financial difficulty and payments can be made at agreed points when it is possible to do so.

Delayed Payments

This option is for families that have short term cash flow problems. Essentially for families that just need help until payday so in this instance the payments of the sessions can be made after payday.

Note – Again only one person from the organisation will see this evidence so there is 100% confidentiality policy.

Extra-Curricular Activities.

This is something which we have started in the summer of 2019 as physical activity is a good way for students to release stress as well as helping to develop character and teamwork.

Here at TFF Tutors we also believe that physical wellbeing can play a huge part in helping create a good mentality towards academic attainment.