The Ayaan Football Programme

Our football programme is named Ayaan Football after one of our earliest students who sadly passed away while in Year 8. He started with TFF Tutors when he was in Year 3 and he became like family over the years. He was extremely hardworking, intelligent, polite, loving and humble. Furthermore he was an avid footballer and for this reason we decided to name our programme in his memory. Above all we saw him develop into a considerate young boy who was a testament to his parents upbringing and we pray that everyone is blessed to have a child with his qualities.

In September we were able to secure a weekly booking of the astroturf pitches at Hobbs Hill School. This allows us to run football sessions at Hobbs Hill School for boys aged 6-10 from 6-7 pm, 11-14 from 7-8pm and boys aged 15 and over from 8-9. The main aim of these sessions is for the children and young adults to just have fun and enjoy themselves while socialising with children from different schools and backgrounds to further build respect and community cohesion. We also use these sessions to remind the children of the dangers of drug dealing, the seriousness in engaging in other criminal activities, to work hard in school and to be good citizens.

These football sessions allow ex students of TFF tutors to still stay in touch, be mentored as well be mentors and role models for the younger students. We are also fortunate that other members of the local community who are professionals in Accountancy, Programming, Marketing have offered to volunteer and oversee these sessions. Ultimately we would like for some of the older boys to take part in FA coaching courses so they can deliver higher quality sessions to the younger students.

This is done for no profit so we will only be charging students the price of hiring the pitch and our aim is to keep costs to a minimum by hopefully getting support from the local community. We also support parents who are unable to pay so that their children do not miss out on this opportunity.

We would also love to start football sessions for girls so if there are any aspiring and qualified female football coaches please get in touch.

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