Our extracurricular and community outreach programme is called Itehaad-Unity Events. The primary aim is to develop and strengthen the unity in our communities which is extremely important during these divisive times. It is also something that will allow us to take control of our known narrative and be responsible for our actions to ensure all our children are given the opportunity to develop in a safe and open environment. Another aim is to speak out against the ever growing issue of drug dealing and crime and to warn children of the pitfalls of that lifestyle. Furthermore we encourage them to stay true to their education and ultimately to remember to be a good respectful human being and an asset to the local community regardless of race, creed or religion.

The first stage of our programme was to set up weekly sport sessions and this began in the summer of 2019 as physical activity is a good way for students to release stress as well as helping to develop character and teamwork. Here at TFF Tutors we also believe that physical wellbeing can play a huge part in helping create a good mentality towards academic attainment. The sessions are open to all and not just TFF Tutors students as this is a community initiative.

Our ultimate aim is to have weekly sessions for different sports and activities for all year groups and genders to run during term and non term time so the children will always have access to it.