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TFF Tutors - Tuition for Fruition

Fruition is defined as the attainment/accomplishment of a plan. It is the cornerstone of everything we do at TFF Tutors. We recognise that each student is different and work to ensure that there is a tailored study plan to suit them. No student should have to adapt to a pre-existing study plan.

Despite sounding obvious, it is one of the big failings of the conventional schooling system, with growing class sizes and lack of teaching staff. However more unforgivably, it is taking place within the private tuition sector, where the line between quality teaching and achieving higher profit margins is becoming blurred.

TFF Tutors prides itself on guaranteeing an adaptable plan for each student. The initial lessons will test the foundational skills so that the tutor can ascertain what level the student is currently working at and determine the most suitable scheme of learning and set personal targets.

We implement regular progress checks to establish whether students are on track. This allows us to assess each student’s progress and adapt plans to better reflect their needs. We have found this to be much more effective than annual parents evenings at schools or reports.

Group lessons are always organised according to ability. Initially, we use the information given to us by parents to help form these groups. As tutors monitor students, we use our professional judgement to decide on any changes to the groups. Parents and students will always be consulted to see if there are any concerns before making changes.

This leads us on to another key aspect of our organisation which is transparency. Parents have a right to know about their child’s/children’s progression. Notes about which topics have been covered, the areas where students struggled and areas where they excelled are recorded and kept by tutors after each lesson. In addition, homework will be set and it’s completion or non completion will be recorded and feedback given to parents.

The homework is set to consolidate learning done in class. Nearly all the homework is done using online tools so that marking is instantaneous. We have found this to be much more effective as students can identify areas of weakness immediately. Using online tools also allows us to set individual homework tasks to support your child.

Feedback for written tasks will be given as voice notes so students can refer back to it at their own convenience.

The combined result of everything mentioned above provides our students with the solid foundations, necessary skills and confidence to see their individual goals to fruition.

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