Payment Assistance

Here at TFF Tutors, providing opportunities to all children, regardless of their socio-economic background is of the highest importance. We want to ensure our services are accessible to all willing to learn. For this reason, we offer flexible rates, grace periods and delayed payments to families struggling financially. Whether this is due unemployment, being a single parent, or any other reason, please do contact us and we will assist you accordingly. Evidence will need to be presented. All information is strictly confidential. We believe access to quality education is a right of every child, not a luxury to those able to afford it. It is one of the most unique aspects of our tutoring service so we ask that it is not taken advantage of.

Flexible Rates

For families struggling with long term cash flow problems, a flexible rate will be agreed upon with the presentation of evidence. This option is reserved for families that are in serious financial difficulty.

Grace Periods

This option is available for families with temporary cash flow problems: For those expecting financial difficulty for a short period (3 - 6 months). In this case, there will be an agreed upon rate for this period of financial difficulty and payments will be made at a determined date.

Delayed Payments

This option is for families that have short term cash flow problems i.e. for families waiting until payday to settle payments.