Payment Assistance

One of the reasons we founded this organisation as mentioned in our What and Why section was that we all have genuine concerns for youth development in our societies and communities.Therefore we have decided to offer flexible rates, grace periods and delayed payments to families that are struggling. This could be down to differing reasons but if there is an issue of unemployment, single parent families, looked after children etc please do inform us and ask for some assistance. We have a strict confidentiality policy so it will not be disclosed to anyone apart from one person who is the Founder and Director but evidence will need to be presented. These services have already been offered and again this is one of the most unique aspects about our tutoring service as this is not offered by any other tutoring services so we do ask that this is not taken advantage of as it is something we offer with the best intentions.

Flexible Rates

If there are genuine long term cash flow problems for families a flexible rate will be agreed upon with the presentation of evidence. This is the option that is reserved for families that are in serious financial states so please be aware of this

Grace Periods

This is for families that have medium term cash flow problems. For instance if they know that the situation will be difficult for 1-6 months but after that things will get better. In this case again there will be an agreed upon rate for this period of financial difficulty and payments can be made at agreed points when it is possible to do so.

Delayed Payments

This option is for families that have short term cash flow problems. Essentially for families that just need help until payday so in this instance the payments of the sessions can be made after payday.
Note - Again only one person from the organisation will see this evidence so there is 100% confidentiality policy.