Extra Curricular Activities

As part of TFF Tutors commitment to give back, we host a range of extra curricular activities for the community to engage in.

There is more to life than good grades. Your health comes first. This is why TFF Tutors runs weekly football sessions for children aged 6-10, 11-14 and 15+. These sessions promote fitness and highlight the importance of exercise. Beyond this, our sessions are intended to develop transferable skills that will help participants in their lives. Skills include: punctuality, team working, communication and accountability.

Sessions have been incredibly popular and there is a growing demand - from both participants and parents - for TFF Tutors to run more classes.

For more details on our football sessions, click here.

In addition to football, we are actively working to start boxing sessions for both boys and girls. We believe the sport is not only great for fitness but for developing discipline.

For more details on our boxing sessions, click here.

TFF Tutors will keep you updated on all future extra curricular projects and developments. Click here for more information.