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Tuition for Fruition Tutors is a new and rapidly expanding business that provides private tuition to KS1,KS2,  KS3, GCSE and A Level students with the aim of enabling its students to achieve their academic potential. Our core team is comprised of experienced and PGCE accredited professionals who above all else are passionate about teaching and strive to make a positive difference to the development of their students. In the short time that we have been operating we have managed to help a considerable amount of children and relying wholly on word of mouth recommendations we have been able to expand our operations throughout the UK and abroad. There is a social focus which underpins our work and we want to be able to reach out to those parents and children who wouldn’t traditionally have access to tuition.


Managing Director/Founder Abdul-Raheem Ahmed 


Abdul-Raheem is an experienced teacher and examiner with 12 years of experience in education. He began tutoring during his A levels helping out students from economically deprived families and also SEN students which ignited his passion for teaching and contributing to his community and has led to him tutoring to this day. He has personally taught over 450 students during this time alongside his full time secondary teaching role.


Abdul-Raheem realised that many of the more vulnerable members of society were being left behind while others were being exploited by tutoring companies. He decided to create a business that would focus on making tutoring accessible to these children by keeping costs low and quality high by ensuring all lessons are taught by qualified teachers. Furthermore coming from a working class and second generation immigrant background he understands the problems and pitfalls many of these students face. Therefore he decided not just to focus on the academic aspect but the students holistically. To that end has organised consistent and regular extra curricular activities for local members of his community. This allows him to have a pastoral role within the local community and is not just limited to students of TFF Tutors. Tackling the rising evil of drug dealing and other criminal activities is another passion of his and by taking this proactive approach he hopes to provide a focus and escape route for those who may be targeted by those nefarious elements of society. You can find more details about what is done in the extracurricular section.

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