Free Maths Lessons

From the start of the first lockdown our founder and managing Director Abdul-Raheem Ahmed has been running free Maths lessons for students from Year 2-10. There were two Year 10 classes, one for each tier of the GCSE exam. All the lessons took place on zoom and each lesson had a duration of one hour minimum.
The reasoning for running these lessons at the start of the lockdown is below in his own words.

As we've seen in the news over the past couple of days we have had doctors, nurses, other NHS staff and key workers make the ultimate sacrifice to help and do their duty to protect the people in this country.This has led me to reflect and question my own contribution during this time. Therefore I have decided to try and lessen the damage of a lack of long term teaching on our students by running these sessions.Also coming from a working class and immigrant background where my father was and is still is self employed I can further relate to and understand the problems families are facing at this time. Therefore I do not want any child to miss out on additional education for any financial reason.”

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