Physics A Level Tutor

Looking for an A-level physics tutor? Well you have come to the right place.

Widely thought of as the most fundamental of all sciences, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in all the formulas, graphs, laws and theories that comes with A level Physics. However our Physics A level tutors are here to give you the knowledge and the support you need to achieve the highest grades in your exams.

As well as teaching you the theory, we focus on helping students enhance their exam techniques; as our teachers have identified this as an area where many students struggle.

Past papers are the most effective way to develop this skill. Understanding what the examiner wants from you is the first step to answering the question correctly. Next, you must identify which skills are involved i.e. analysing, evaluating, explaining etc. The final step requires knowledge to answer the question. Our Physics tutors focus on all three aspects individually to maximise your chances of achieving the best grade.

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What skills will you develop with A level physics?

A Level physics is a desirable qualification because it requires a range of analytical skills and a problem-solving mentality, making it amongst the most sought after qualifications amongst further study institutions and employers. 

A level physics will develop the following skills:

Problem Solving:

You will be able to methodically approach and solve problems. This involves first identifying the problem, then understanding its root causes, thereafter generating accurate solutions. Finally, testing your solutions to see if the problem has been solved. 

Data Analysis:

This is the process of collecting and organizing data to draw useful and accurate conclusions from it. A level Physics module involves reading graphs, charts and large sums of data – and extracting the relevant information from all of this.


Understanding how to extract and systematically arrange data is a key skill that you will develop from studying Physics at A Level. Many of the questions covered in the module require detailed responses, incorporating knowledge from a wide range of theories to accurately answer them. Knowing how to collate and present this is an important skill.

Data Interpretation:

Some questions will require you to analyse and extract relevant information whilst others test your ability to make sense of the data presented. Data interpretation is the process of reviewing data and making sound inferences.

What Career Path Does A Level Physics Open To Me?

Physics A-level has been named as a “facilitating subject” by the Russell group of universities, which means it can be useful for getting onto a wide range of university courses.

Those with an interest in Physics usually go on to study one of the following degrees at University or equivalent: Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture or you guessed it, Physics.

A qualification in any of the above opens opportunities into various career paths, including:

  • Construction/Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Physicist 
  • Architecture