Online A Level Math

We understand it’s not possible to cover the whole A-level maths curriculum in the limited time we have with pupils, therefore our A level math programme is focussed on two areas:

Foundational A Level Maths topics – Students of TFF Tutors will develop a fluent understanding of core A Level maths topics. Core topics are those which are essential to passing A Level Maths and build the base to mastering more complex topics.

All good buildings are built on a strong base so TFF Tutors is committed to providing students with a strong understanding of foundational subjects. This will allow pupils to apply mathematical techniques to solve problems, reason mathematically and interpret mathematical information effectively.

Advanced topics – For students aiming to achieve the top grades or considering pursuing further mathematical studies, either at university or elsewhere, a strong understanding of more complex and challenging topics within the A Level curriculum is essential.

Here at TFF Tutors, it’s our mission to ensure students don’t just pass, but strive to attain the best results.

Therefore our maths course has been tailored to cover the areas of the syllabus where most students drop marks.

We break down larger topics in depth to make sure our pupils are confident when approaching these questions in examinations.  

In our experience, we have found that the best method of learning is by practising past papers.

This helps students familiarise themselves with how exam boards ask questions and develops their time management skills. It is perfect preparation for the real exams.

Therefore our sessions are built to assist students in their learning alongside school or college.

As well as online tuition, tutors will set homework to give students additional practise to gain mastery of the subject. This is expected to be completed by the deadline date.

Qualified A Level Math Tutors

We are proud to admit that all our tutors are fully PGCE qualified, with years of teaching experience in the field. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by guaranteeing only those with a minimum 5 Years  of experience can teach. 

Our range of tutors have experience across various exam boards, including: AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR. 

The welfare of students is our TFF Tutors main concern. It is our responsibility to guarantee every student that studies with us is not just assigned a tutor, but a mentor. We acknowledge that A levels can be incredibly stressful for some, therefore we aim to create an environment whereby students can speak to tutors and seek advice. We feel that this professional but friendly relationship helps to motivate students in the long-term and contributes to their success and output from our sessions.

We recognise that for students to perform at their optimum, having a support-base around them is incredibly important. This is why we frequently report to parents/guardians about the progress of their children’s learning and notify them of ways to assist their further development.  

Private A Level Math Tuition

We do offer Private A level math tuition sessions. Our pupils are in charge of their lessons. Priorities and the pace of lessons are established in partnership with the student and are aimed at ensuring mastery of the syllabus. Please contact us for details

What Skills will you develop with A level maths?

  • Critical Thinking: The involves the analysis of facts to form a judgement. Unlike many other subjects, there is only 1 correct answer in maths: So you must scrutinise the details closely.  
  • Problem Solving: You will be able to methodically approach and solve problems.
  • Analytical Thinking: Presented with limited data and a problem, you must learn to extract key information from data and develop workable solutions for the problems identified. 
  • Logical Thinking: Logical thinking requires the use of reasoning to study a problem objectively, which will allow you to make a rational conclusion. With A level maths, there are multiple steps involved in answering a question – each step built on the information before – therefore you need to follow events to come to the correct answer. 

What career paths does A level maths open to me?

Mathematics and Further Mathematics are “facilitating” subjects.  This means that they are among a list of A-level subjects which are asked for most frequently by universities.

This means that if you study a group of facilitating subjects, you will have a large number of degree options open to you.  

Those with A Level math qualification often go on to study the following subject at University, or equivalent: Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering (Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical) Accountancy, Computer Science.  It is a particularly good choice for people who want to pursue a career in the finance and engineering sector.

A qualification in any of the above opens opportunities into various career paths, including:

  • Accountant
  • Banking
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Economist
  • Engineer 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment manager